How it works

Welcome to the new way of watching and supporting Independent films!

AltCineplex has been launched with the need to create a space where independent films can achieve greater accessibility and reach the right audience. The platform with it's subscription/pay-per-view system allows users to pay for content on a platform, the virtual equivalent of renting/buying/subscription of a DVD. Creators have greater control over their work as they have a say in its monetization and the revenue is directly linked back to them. The viewing experience is more personalised. Users also stand to benefit from this as content is curated for a target audience. 

As film enthusiasts, independent films are tough to find outside the limited avenue of festivals. With AltCineplex we want to provide a solution to this problem of accessibility and give you the option of watching these films from the comfort of your home. You can stream these films for a small price and with every purchase, you directly support the creators. 

You can pay for subscription via credit/debit card, or other modes of online payment. Once the subscription have been purchased, the available films can be watched according to your subscription, after which your access to the film will expire. You can leave a review and recommend it to others if it resonates with you!
Payment Options

You can pay for individual content on the website through the credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets etc. Once you make payment, the available films will be automatically be able to watch. For any queries, write to us at After you watch the film, spread the word among people who might like these films or share your review on your social media handle(s) and tag us!